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  • Step-By-Step Pay Processing
  • Electronic Bank Transfers
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Employee Management

A comprehensive payroll solutions. Take advantage of its different benefits while the system is in place in your work operation.

Subscription Fee (GST Inclusive)

Number of employees Monthly Subscription Fee 12 Months Subscription Fee
 1 to 20 Employees  K165.00 K1,980.00  
 21 to 40 Employees  K220.00  K2,640.00
 41 to 60 Employees   K275.00  K3,300.00
 61 to 80 Employees  K330.00  K3,960.00
 81 to 100 Employees  K440.00  K5,280.00 
 101 and Above  K550.00  K6,600.00 


Promo Subscription Fee (GST Inclusive)

Number of employees Original 13 Months Subscription Fee Promotional 12 Months Subscription Fee + 1 Month Free Value of Savings
 1 to 20 Employees  K2,145.00   K1,980.00  K165.00
 21 to 40 Employees  K2,860.00   K2,640.00 K220.00 
 41 to 60 Employees   K3,575.00  K3,300.00 K275.00 
 61 to 80 Employees  K4,290.00  K3,960.00 K330.00 
 81 to 100 Employees  K5,720.00   K5,280.00  K440.00 
 101 and Above  K7,150.00   K6,600.00  K550.00 


Other fees that may incur (Optional)

Fees Price
Migration Fee (1 year worth of data) K550.00
Training (per head) K990.00


Step-By-Step Pay Processing

Able Payroll Online lets the user to create pay easily anywhere anytime. With this step, users will just need to input the pay reference, date range of the pay and select the group that was intend to make the pay.

Managing the pay at the users own pace by using this step. In here, users may exclude or include an employee in the pay, Update the employee advances and edit their pay by inputting number of hours worked, adding other pay items like leave entitlement or additional income/deduction and putting up adjustment if needed.

Confirming via ladderized approval is the key on verifying a pay. In this step, Once a pay was done, users may submit it and the supervisor/manager will be able to check and confirm the pay created.

Processing and finalizing the pay when it is approved is the last step. In here, Approving officer will need to accept and process the pay as an approved pay.

Electronic Bank Transfer
Able Payroll Online is connected and integrated to three (3) banks namely BSP, Westpac and ANZ making sure that the processed pays are credited to employees bank account. May it be desktop bank file or online banking.

The following are the current bank integrations :
BSP Kundupei x86 and x64 version
BSP Online
Westpac Handypay
Westpac Online
ANZ Diskpay
ANZ Transactive

Comprehensive Reporting

Improved Reporting
Generating report instantly using the web-based reporting tool, you may either print, convert to an excel, download as a csv, copy to clipboard and save it as a pdf. Fast, reliable and can be accessed anywhere.

Superannuation Reporting
Up to date nasfund reporting and can be uploaded to nasfund portal.

IRC Reporting
Able Payroll Online is equipped with required IRC reporting ranges from tax installment report up to group certificate.

NCSL Reporting
Now integrated with NCSL portal, its easier now to update with NCSL with the use of new report that can be uploaded straight to NCSL portal.

Advance Loan Reporting
Able Payroll Online equipped with advance loaning facility comes with reports that can generate repayments and loan balances that are useful for both employees and employers alike.

Filtering and Query
Reporting are can be filtered via multiple ways like cost centres, department and every reference available, by proper filtering reports are more manageable and easier to analyze.

Employee Management

Employee Maintenance
A full module dedicated in building employee profile. Aside from putting up the employee details, users can also put employee bank details, employee superannuation details, standard pay and taxation setup.

Advance Loan Facility
Employee's advances can be recorded and setup inside Able Payroll Online. In here, users can setup automatic deduction every pay or do a manual repayment and put out the balances of the loans real time.

Leave Management
A New feature inside Able Payroll Online that manages applied leaves from the employees using the Employee Kiosk. In Here, users can approve or decline and application for leave

Employee Kiosk
Able Payroll Online intoduces a new employee module made for employees. In here, employees can login anytime and anywhere using any internet enabled devices and do tasks like leave application, payslip viewing/printing and more.

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